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The European Youth Art Interchange Project (Phase ll)

Jeunes volontaires de Youth Art Interchange, Janvier 2010, Londres

Art Session is participating in a European project called Youth Art Interchange, support by Youth in Action Programm. It brings together four groups of young volunteers from four different European museums of Europe.

  • The Tate Britain in London with the Tate Forum group
  • The Tate Liverpool in Liverpool with the group Young Tate
  • The Kiasma in Helsinki, Finland with the group Kultu
  • The Centre Pompidou in Paris with Art Session

Thanks to several meetings over a period of a year and a half, we have learnt to discover each other and to work together. Travels, visits, meetings are a large part of the project. Each group organises an art project and some events around the common theme, “A sense of perspective”, and each of these four projects involves the participation of the young people from the other museums.

Here are everyone’s projects:

Tate Forum, at the Tate Britain, London  in August 2010

Evénement Loud at Tate, Tate Britain, août 2010

The young people from the Tate Forum group created an installation in collaboration with the artist Raimi Gbadamosi. The project introduced three videos in which the young people from Tate Britain delivered the same political speech. Each had a different colour to represent them. The public was invited to vote for the three candidates, despite the similarity of their speeches. Did the people vote randomly? Did the colours influence the choice of candidate, or was it the person?

This exhibition was part of the event Loud at Tate, which has existed for several years in London, the theme this year being “Superminitinybig” which featured ,music, workshops led by the groups from other museums etc.


Kutlu in Kiasma, Helsinki in November 2010

Art Session lors de l’événénement First Time au musée Kiasma, Helsinki, novembre 2010

The theme « Fearless » was chosen by the Kultu group. The exhibition The First Time, organised in collaboration with the artist Heta Kuchka, was launched with a private-view performance and the participation of all the members of the four museums to walk down the catwalk in special t-shirts created for the occasion. On these t-shirts, the fears of each member had been written, the goal being to exorcise them, marching to music composed for the occasion. On the day of the launch, a number of events and workshops were held.


Young Tate  at the Tate Liverpool, Liverpool in April 2011

An exhibition of 16 artworks from the Tate collection selected by all the young people of Young Tate will be organised in three thematic areas “Youth Culture”, “Between Cultures, cultural identity and migration”, “Abstract Notion of Betweenness, perspectives open to interpretation”. The members of the group are going to create the catalogue of this exhibition and also manage the communication.

Events and workshops will take place during the day of the launch, and there will also be concerts, and discussions with artists, politicians, activists about migration and cultural diversity (including the artist Zineb Sedira).


Art Session at the Pompidou Centre, Paris in June 2011

The Art Session group has participated in all projects since August 2010 and will also be in charge of the last step of Youth Art Interchange project in June 2011.

  • European Jeudi’s:

For the 23rd June, Art Session has proposed to the three groups (Kultu, Young Tate, Tate Forum) to choose an art school to participate at this amazing event based on the theme of “Love and Controversy”.

The schools participating in this event are:

– Central School of Speech and Drama, London

– University of the Arts London

– Salpaus Further EducationFinland

– French Federation of Artistic Magicians, Paris

  • Collaboration with an artist :

The project will be led with the young people and the artist around the theme of controversy in art (communication, production, mediation, conception) and will be launched with events, workshops, and performances.

  • Blooming Colours workshop :

Art Session's workshop

The film Blooming Colours, produced by Art Session, will be presented for the event in June 2011, showing a series of Europeans portraits of visitors to the four museums which are in the Youth Art Interchange partnership.

It’s a touring workshop in the museums of the Youth Art Interchange project. Based on the theme of controversy in art, and also the controversy of the debate in France about wearing the veil, the workshop is interested in the symbolic link with European identity.

Goals of the workshop :

The participants must initially choose one or more fabrics, which bear the colour of the European flags, and which they must wear in a personal way, and then afterwards they have their picture taken as a souvenir. This three-stage workshop then ends with an appearance before the camera, where everyone can explain, justify, or laugh at their choice.

This workshop will lead to the production of a short documentary, presenting a series of European portraits from the four cities.




The Jeudi’s season, 2011

For the third consecutive year, Art Session is participating in the Jeudi’s, helping with the mediation, and giving the public a better understanding of the artist-performers’ approach. It is impossible to get lost when crossing the path of the men in black, called “souffleurs”. This year’s programme includes theatre, design, fashion, circus and many other disciplines, for events where one is as crazy as the other.

Thursday 10th February: theatre – Professional School of Dramatic Art, Lille

Thursday 24th March: design and music – Conservatoire of Music and National Academy of Arts, Oslo

Thursday 14 April: applied arts  – National School of Decorative Arts, Strasbourg

Thursday 19 May: costume/sculpture – School of Decorative Arts, Paris and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Thursday 23 June: love and controversy – Fashion, circus, puppetry and new magic

European Jeudi’s: 4 schools for the same evening

  • Central School of Speech and Drama, London
  • University of the Arts London
  • Salpaus Further Education Circus, Finland
  • French Federation of Artistic Magicians, Paris

    Ecole professionnelle d’art dramatique de Lille, février 2011, © Hervé Véronèse

Find out more on the pompidou website


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