Projects 2007-2012

Youth Art Interchange (YAI) phase I

« Imagine your corp » workshop

Atelier Imagine your Corp, Tate Liverpool, octobre 2008

« Imagine your corp » was the first workshop of the Youth Art Interchange collaboration. It was created after few visits in the exhibition Futurism in Paris at Centre Pompidou. We became interested in the idea of organising a workshop about the future. We therefore decided to ask some questions about everyone’s future. For this, the year 2023 was chosen, which was then 15 years in the future, and questions were chosen by the group.

Our questions were: “Will you be married?”, “Where will you live?”, “What are your wishes for 2023?”. During the interview, we played the role of scientists, dressed in white coats, while some members of the group drew the future that the interviewees described on a board situated behind them. Finally, we invited them to see their future and to modify what they wanted to change.




Art Session, enregistrement de podcasts dans le Centre Pompidou, 2009

A museum, some artworks and a feeling. In 2009, Art Session began creating podcasts which allow people to learn more about the museum’s key artworks.

The originality of these podcasts is our informal approach. Rather than being an explanation of the work’s history and background, Art Session members wanted to express their own personal feelings and impressions about the artworks which particularly touched them. Each author has also chosen the sounds and musical accompaniment for his/her own podcast. The choices were varied, ranging from La Roue de Bicyclette by Marcel Duchamp, to a mobile by Calder, via a podcast on Brancusi’s workshop, so little known by the public.

You can now find Art Session’s recordings online:

–          Atelier Brancusi
–          Figure, Pablo Picasso
–          Mobile sur deux plans, Alexander Calder
–          Portrait d’Iturrino, André Derain
 –        La Roue de bicyclette, Marcel Duchamp
–          La femme à la corbeille, Julio Gonzalez
–          Xspace and the ego, Roberto Matta 




Mediation for the Rendez vous du Forum Events

Lucien, médiateur aux rendez-vous du Forum, Septembre 2010

This series of events was made in the Forum of the Centre Pompidou a vibrant, diverse area. The programme was based on an alternation between two distinct principles :

  • The first was based on the diversity of the collections in the Musée National d’Art Moderne and the visual and audio archives of the Centre Pompidou.
  • The second was based on the principle of sessions, whose programmes are carried out by guests artists, at the intersection of all the disciplines connected to visual arts.

Art Session were involved in the mediation of these events, to better inform the public about these sessions.



Museum Night

Art Session, Nuit des musées, Centre Pompidou, © Hervé Véronèse

Museum Night is an evening when the museums are open, free, throughout the night. The Centre Pompidou is no exception to this rule and, one evening, Art Session decided to experiment by adding our own personal touch. So, for the first time, we dressed up with distinctive accessories and guided visitors in a playful way, via Twitter – you could see us typing at the entrance to the fourth floor. We also accompanied visitors in the Beuys Room as part of our collaboration with the artist Sarkis.



Guided visits to the Centre Pompidou

Visite animée par les jeunes d’Art Session, Centre Pompidou, 2008

It has been Art Session’s purpose since its origin to introduce and share our passion for art with other young people. It is in this spirit that we make partnerships with young groups and other organisations, to introduce them to the festivities of the Centre Pompidou.

We notably met young people from IUT de Sarcelles, AIUTS, to share a friendly and fun time inside the Centre Pompidou. The visit took place from the 6th floor down to the basement, passing through the modern and contemporary art collections, the BPI (public library) and several other areas, all in a relaxed atmosphere, to share our favourite highlights.



Les Jeudi’s and the role of the « souffleur »

INSAS de Bruxelles, Centre Pompidou, juin 2010 ©Jean-Claude Planchet

The Jeudi’s are evening events, held in the museum once a month on Thursdays (in French, Jeudis). They consist in performances made by all kinds of art students: circus, theatre, design, dance,etc. Each time, the performers give their own interpretation of the artworks and provide the audience with a new and lively image of the museum. During these events, the mediation is provided by other students, enrolled on courses related to art, and also by Art Session, in the role of “souffleurs”. The souffleurs are present during these events in order to guide the public and inform them about the school and the performances. They also ensure the smooth flow of the audience, and the protection of the art works.



Evaluation of mediation tools

The Art Session group also has the task of testing the Centre Pompidou’s mediation tools, such as the audio guides and the descriptions of the art pieces in the permanent collection of the Museum. We notably carried out this exercise in the Mondrian exhibition, on display from December 2010 until March 2011. During this visit, the group divided into several smaller groups of 2 or 3 people. Each group had to give the exhibition a score out of 5 according to several pre-defined criteria, namely: comprehension, visibility, scenography, and route.

Notes /5 4 4 4 5 17
1 2 2 4 9
4 3.5 4 2 13.5
2.5 3 4 2 11.5
3.5 3 2 3 11.5
2 2.5 3 2.5 10
3 3 4.5 2 12.5
4 2 1.5 1 8.5
4 2 2 3 11
4 2 2 2 10
4 1 2 2 9
Total 11.2

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