Meetings with artists

Since the creation of Art Session in 2007, we have had the chance to meet and work with several artists.

One of the first major collaborations was with the artist Sarkis. We went to see him in his workshop in VilleJuif, a Parisian suburb, and also collaborated with him for the project relating to the Beuys Room in Centre Pompidou, for the Passages exhibition in 2010.

Sarkis et Art Session en visite dans son atelier !

Thanks to the European project, the Youth Art Interchange, we are once again in direct contact with professionals from the artistic and cultural world: curators and cultural action departments, as well as international artists.

We have met Raimi Gdadamosi, an English artist, during his work with the Tate Forum group from London for their event about political engagement. This artist is known for working with three principle colours, namely yellow, black and white.

Thanks to the group Kultu in Helsinki, we have met the Finnish artist Heta Kuchka, who worked with them on the theme of fear. She focuses on the problems of daily life, using the principle media of photos and films.

Finally, we also met with mounir fatmi, a committed and controversial artist. He is a multidisciplinary artist who uses photos, video, painting, sculpture and installations, around themes of culture, identity and architecture. The project couldn’t succeed, because of technical and organisational reasons.

Art Session, Sarkis and Beuys

Art Session, Sarkis and Beuys During Sarkis’ exhibition « Passages », held at the Centre Pompidou between February and June 2010, the Art Session group participated in the mediation of the Beuys Room, reopened for the occasion thanks to Sarkis. Art Session were involved as “passeurs” for this room, ensuring the security of the space, and managing the public. The room had been closed for security reasons until Sarkis decided to reopen it for his exhibition “Passages”. On this occasion, people were able to enter inside the room wearing slippers made of felt. The room was surrounded in felt and there was a piano which was closed and locked, experienced rather like a sensory experiment, a real physical experience that mingled with the absence of sound and a connection with the strong materials.

The Visite of Beuys Plight by Art Session, 2010

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