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Lacoste about “Autour du Point “, 1920-1925/1930 by Kupka exhibited now at the 5th floor at the Musée national d’art moderne

Frantisek Kupka, Autour d’un point, 1920-25/30

It’s an artwork that I find really interesting because, in my opinion, the interpretation depends on the viewer. Not everyone will see the same thing when looking at the work: it’s a succession of small points which form a circle and abstracts. This work shows the four elements.

Mohcin about “Gelb-Rot-Blau”,1925 (Yellow-red-blue) by Kandinsky now at the 5th floor at the Musée national d’art moderne

Vassily Kandinsky, Gelb-Rot-Blau, 1925

What struck me the most in this artwork are the round and square shapes which reconstruct the body of the mouse with only two colours, red and blue. What makes me laugh is the big yellow head of the animal which looks more like a human head than that of a mouse. Notice that the animal is flying through the clouds and the sun around him. That’s why I like the work.

Mostafa about “La colonne sans fin”, by Constantin Brancusi, to see at the Brancusi studio located on the piazza of the Pompidou Centre

Constantin Brancusi, la Colonne sans fin

This column which references the funeral pillars of the south of Romania, Brancusi’s country of origin (a major artist in the history of modern sculpture) is simply brilliant. I saw in it something like a mix between a minaret and a tower of Babel. A coming and going between earth and sky or perhaps a support for the latter.

In short, to contemplate this work is to take a bungee jump backwards. Yes, Brancusi manages to transcend the famous law of gravity discovered by Newton and the primary role of matter… with class!

Go quickly to the Atelier Brancusi at the Centre Pompidou (entrance on the Piazza). Open daily, except Tuesday, from 2pm to 6pm and it’s free!


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